5 ways to make your passion your everyday

We are coming into a generation where it is much more common to see people discovering and following their passion and making it into a career.  Making an impact and working towards the greater good is something I see so much more of now within this up and coming generation- They want to dive in head first and get their hands dirty to change the world they live in.

For me- I KNEW I wanted to live a life that was “different” and “out of the box” so to speak. In my core I just knew God called me to do something different. I just felt different. But I continued to bounce around trying out jobs that didn’t quite suit me and running up against a wall within myself on being where I felt God was calling me versus what I thought was “realistic.” Eventually God would rip off the bandaid in my life, push me out of my comfortable nest and cause me to plummet down a cliff, when I got fired from my corporate job right before I got married. In my confusion and fear during that time, I realized God was pushing me to find my wings so I could fly within my purpose and passion and He could wait no longer for me to waste time.

People ask me what I am passionate about… I sit. I think… I am passionate about being passionate. Simple as that. To me I believe that life is not meant to be lived on the sidelines. GET OUT ON THE PLAYING FIELD and off the bench!!! When you feel comfortable in your life I feel strongly that it is time to make a move in some facet. I know that sounds a tad intense- but to me, I feel like Christ came down and lived this radical and beautiful life of serving others. He washed feet, ate with sinners, forgave prostitutes, healed the sick, walked on water, was betrayed, beaten, spit on and nailed to a cross…. I feel like he didn’t go through all of that for us to sit on the sidelines and watch life as it passes? He wants us to jump in and LIVE it the way He showed us. In 1 Corinthians 9:24- He tells us to run the race. He also says do NOT beat into the air aimlessly. No where in scripture will it tell you to sit back on your heels or settle for just “eh” in life- it just doesn’t. It will tell you to RUN the race, run it hard, be courageous, do not fear and gives all the tools to help us train and participate in the race of life! He commands us to jump in on His behalf and fight the fight!

That may make you uncomfortable but we live this life once- what do you want to show for it when you stand before Him at the end of your days? Intense? It should be.

As you can see passion is my passion. I love to hear of others passion, whatever it is and how they are fighting to achieve it. I thrive off of that energy because God built us that way. He didn’t intend for mediocrity or for us to feel lukewarm with our life.  For me- the focus of my passion is my people- my family, friends and BFR. I will do whatever it takes to serve them and to love them reeeeeally well. I focused my love of people, writing, travel, God and turned into my everyday career through Be Free Revolution with a mission to help others help themselves.

Some come to me and Britney and say things like, “I could never do that.” “You guys have too much going on.” “Maybe you should just do this on the side instead of doing it full time…It would be easier.” or “How did you guys make this your full time job?” “How can I start my own non-profit or make my dream my job.”

In having those comments and questions in the back of my own mind at one time let me break down a few of my key go-tos for that and let me also say NOT following your passion will ALWAYS be easier. So suit up for passion following tips!

1. Get Experience in Your Passion. My dad always told me– do what you know and you will succeed. When you do what you know or use what you know towards what you are passionate about that passion will give you the endurance to jump the obstacles. Get internships, part-time jobs, full-time jobs or volunteer at places doing what you are interested to see either 1. What element you want to focus in on. or 2. If you really want to be in that line of work. If you are in a job where you feel stuck and you desire to follow your passion but realistically you can’t right now. That’s ok. Be where you are. Learn every single thing you can and try to learn a skill set you don’t know or expand in one you do because those will be valuable to you when you do step out in faith on what is your passion focus. I am so thankful for all of my jobs because I learned so many skill sets that give me a valuable edge within my organization.

2. Have a small circle of safe, trusted friends who will be your support. If you decide to follow your passion do not expect it to be an easy road. There is truth to the statement the road less travelled. In order to keep on keepin’ on you need a few or even one person in your court. You need a safe place where when you have hard days, they won’t let you quit and will encourage you through it while allowing you to feel vulnerable without holding it against you. You need those people and positive energy because you cannot carry these types of things on your own.

3. Have Grace in Failures- Don’t beat yourself up when things don’t go as planned. Practice patience and don’t see a fail, just see learning curves and chances to grow. Some of my best ideas have come through failures or vision casting through 100 bad ideas to get to the really great one. Following your passion into your everyday is hard work. Let me say that again- following your passion is hard work. Some people would tell me when it’s where you are supposed to be everything will fall into place. Honestly, that is not true. Obstacles and failures come for several reasons; to build endurance, to put you back on your knees in dependence on the Almighty, to see if you really know what you want to accomplish and also so you can see what miracles look like. When you are on the path to greatness believe me… dark days will come to keep you from it. So have grace with yourself on the dark days because when you see those miracles– it is worth the fight.

4. Have a Teachable Spirit. This is a big one. You must have the humility to be teachable and to try again… and again…. and again. You dont know everything and you never will so create in yourself the ability to listen to wise counsel. Wise counsel might not even look like an expert in the field either- be aware and listen to trusted people even if it hurts your pride so you can grow and learn. Sometimes we have to start over on something to get it right and THAT takes humility.  Having a teachable spirit is the only way you can ever grow spiritually and into your sweet spot, as they call it. I heard someone say once when you stop learning you start dying and I ardently believe that is true.

5. Daily unhurried time with God. This time, I cannot stress enough, is extremely important. If it’s 10min to 1 hour it doesn’t matter but getting alone with God is extremely important. It re-centers you, calms and helps you go into the day with a different lens on. This time could look different. I hear God speak to me through books- whether the Bible or another inspiring read I am on. I have another friend who hears God through music so maybe you do that in your time. Just get yourself alone with God and He will speak to you through those outlets and get your creative passion juices flowing! I promise you that.


Those are just a few things I have learned along the way since we have started this incredible lifestyle of Go, Serve, Lead and Love with Be Free Revolution.

Let me challenge you in a couple of ways from here.

  1. Start a priority time either in the morning before your day or even at your desk at work right before you start your day.
  2. Write down a safe place or person who will be your dedicated encourager and someone who holds you accountable and keeps you on the right track. Then let them know they are that person to you!
  3. Write down your biggest dreams for your life. Then write down what skill sets or experience you lack in order to accomplish it. Then write down 3 target companies or organizations you feel embody your dream or parts of it. Then— TAKE ACTION!

Remember- you only get this life once. The mistakes you make along the way are part of the journey and your story. Don’t let your life be one that is watched from the sidelines. Shake off the fear, get off the bench and start living out your passion TODAY right where you are!  #RunHard

Lacey, Co-Founder: Be Free Revolution

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